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Premium and Exotic French Bulldogs


Welcome to New Level Frenchie's, your trusted destination for exceptional dog breeding. At New Level Frenchie's, we are dedicated to breeding and raising high-quality dogs that embody the finest traits of their breeds. With a deep understanding of canine genetics and a commitment to ethical breeding practices, we have earned a reputation for producing healthy, well-tempered, and beautiful dogs. Our expertise in selecting compatible parent dogs, prioritizing their health and well-being, and providing a loving environment ensures that each puppy we offer is a perfect addition to any family. Discover the joy of welcoming a well-bred companion into your life through New Level Frenchies!



If you are interested in any of the dogs you saw don't hesitate to reach out to get more information about the specific Dog or Stud you want! You could also reach out to us via Instagram and Facebook!

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